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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 24, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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america. >> get more news from abc later on "go x moments away, tough talk from the white house over the slow cleanup on the gulf coast. and emotional gathering on the grounds of university of virginia as they honor classmates. >> i wonder what happened up here. >> france at a local viewing party of "lost" mark the milestone. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. good morning, washington. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. let's get started with traffic and weather. >> first let's look at the forecast. i spent all of yesterday mopping
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a wet basement. i hope that is not going to happen again. probably not. i picked up 1.6 inches in arlington on the weekend. we will look at the weather network in a moment to show you impressive totals from the weekend. let's go to the doppler radar. we have a few sprinkles on an agenda of the beltway. in montgomery county, that is slowly drifting off to the west. near the planeins. today, highs in the low to mid 70's, a few peaks of sunshine like yesterday with an isolated sprinkle. >> the work on the chain bridge is incomplete. we will have an update on that from mike at the scene in a moment. on the baltimore washington
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parkway there's an accident southbound near 198 and another one near 410. both have been removed from the roadway. on the beltway at connecticut avenue on the screen. no big accident on the interstates around town. now to mike. >> good news and bad news for drivers in the district. the wilson bridge was supposed to be a nightmare this weekend with just one lane open on the inner loop of the beltway quest of telegraph road. but they will finish up the work 36 hours early. that highway is back to normal. however, on the chain bridge there were hoping to get a lanes open, all three, 4 shower this morning, but that does not appear to be happening. rainy weather has delayed the progress of ddot. they removed concrete barriers. because of the rainy weather, that postponed critical work which is new pavement markings.
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they had to put a temporary barrels and traffic 0 on imboden one lane each direction. until the weather improves if they cannot to get in there to do more restriking -- restriping. they hope to get one lane in each direction open by 6:30 this morning. if you plan to get on this bridge, they advise you to take american legion bridge, memorial bridge, a key bridge, or the 14th street bridge instead. >> thank you. now to the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. anger growing as more oil washes ashore in louisiana. it has reached the marshlands, affecting breeding grounds. the governor wants to build sand barriers to prevent more oil from affecting marshlands. a delegation of cabinet officials and members of
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congress will visit the region and looked at if the company's response to the disaster. some stories making news. congress will look into last month's deadly mine explosion in west virginia. a house committee will have a hearing in beckley, where miners were killed been able explosion. relatives of the victim are expected to testify. -- of the victims. the trial continues today in the murder trial of robert wone. a prosecutors say the defendants planted a knife. the presence is either knife could have made the stab wounds. three weeks after yeardley
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love was found dead. a moment of silence in remember yesterday. the lacrosse player was murdered by an ex-boyfriend george huguely. she would receive their diplomas yesterday. >> it is a privilege to recognize yeardley love as a student. >> she was awarded a posthumous bachelor's degree in politics and government. a cousin accepted a diploma. the students there wanted the university to alert them when there is an incident such as this on campus. >> anne arundel county police are trying to determine the cause of death of a baby boy.
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saturday morning police were called to a house on edge rockaway in laurel. detectives are conducting interviews and an autopsy will be performed. a pedestrian was struck by a car in hyattsville last night after 10:00 on university blvd. near ridge road. the pedestrian stepped in front of a car. the car tried to stop but hit to the pedestrian. the vehicles stayed on the scene and the incident is under investigation. we have potentially good news for women. the food and drug administration is looking into whether to approve a drug that is being called the female viagra. next month an fda advisory commission will review a german company's request to sell the new drug. the company says it has shown improvement for adjusting a woman's brain chemicals to increase sexual > desire.
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still ahead, the finale that everybody will be talking about. we will check out what "lost" fans are saying the day after. and a crackdown on a dangerous driving habit nationwide, what police will be looking for. scattered showers. and then hopefully the sunshine will make a comeback.
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>> welcome back. it's monday morning. it is damn about side. a little drizzle. -- it is damp outside. anticipate similar conditions to the weekend. let's look at to the network. isolated sprinkles a roundabout way in montgomery county, but not much rainfall. on the weekend we picked up four inches in chantilly. temperatures right now in a 60's. low 70's for the most part. the high temperature today will be 73, warming by the middle of the workweek. in the 90's by thursday.
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on the chain bridge this morning, expect to find the roadway has just reopened, but only one lane in each direction. construction was incomplete because of the weather. 270 in montgomery county passed the interchange at route 28 is what you're looking at. westhaven, no accidents. there were a couple accidents earlier on the baltimore washington parkway. one of them southbound at route 198. both of them should be out of there. 95 near 216 at the beltway has been cleared as well. there's a warning to buckle up. transportation secretary ray lahood this morning will kick off the national click it or ticket campaign that involves thousands of law enforcement agencies and a bigger advertising blitz. he will release fatality statistics along with it.
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64 degrees. it is humid outside. >> a major milestone for aol and more changes to facebook privacy tabs. we'll have details in "tech bytes". million students of a television event of the decade. million students of a television event of the decade.
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>> and drivers will have to wait longer for things to get back to normal on the deschaine bridge. they hope to finish -- on the chain bridge. rainy weather stopped them. they hope to have the work completed by mid week.
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in louisiana, oil from blown-out oilwell in the gulf is reaching critical marshlands among other places. it has affected wildlife and breeding grounds. louisiana's governor wants to build a sand barrier if to stop it causing further damage. members of congress will visit the region today. china is going to work with the u.s. over the sinking of a south korean ship. the white house says president obama supports the south korean leadership's response to the attack from north korea. millions of lost fans finally learned the fate of the castaways on that island. did the series finale live up to the hype? >> the television event of the decade. how will it end?
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>> six years in the making. twists, turns, suspense, questions. finally "lost" has saved the best for last. the final episodes to answer all the questions. >> there's a little disappointment in the excitement because i know it's going to be over and i won't be able to watch it anymore. >> it was a packed house in northwest as 100 people gathered at a watch party to benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society. >> i feel like it's losing a friend. >> the kelaita flight to watch this with his friends. the moment he's been waiting a long time for. >> i've been waiting for it for months, had circled on my calendar for years. >> his girlfriend is another fan of the show. >> tuesday night spot would be
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nice. >> one of the stars it is happy with the finality. >> it wrapped up really well. >> will you leave here not feeling lost for the first time in six years? yes, i will. >> abc 7 news. >> 5:17 on this monday morning. traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> jim is in for lisa baden. >> not bad so far. it is slippery, but no big accidents. chain bridge has reopened with only one lane in each direction. rain washed out the last part of the construction. there's only one lane open in both directions. baltimore washington parkway, off two accidents out of the way. the beltway is in pretty good shape around the city. 270 montgomery village. pavement is wet.
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super doppler 7 radar shows a few light sprinkles and some pockets of drizzle especially north of the beltway and parts of montgomery county. aspen hill, stretching down from bethesda. a little foggy north of the metro area in frederick county. let's go to the weather bbug network. dulles airport, 65 degrees. brandywine, 64 degrees right now. let's look at today's forecast. an easterly flow by the weekend gives us low clouds. that is what we are dealing with outside today, even a few showers. showers are isolated in nature. by this afternoon there will be a little sunshine. high temperatures in the low to mid 70's. similar conditions to the
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weekend. patchy fog today. a little changed tomorrow. a little warmer and more afternoon sunshine. not a lot, but a little more tomorrow. a big improvement by mid-week. wednesday and thursday near 90 degrees. humid and partly sunny with a view of afternoon showers. if by the weekend we will cool down into the 70's. and internet pioneer celebrity a major milestone. aol was founded 25 years ago. they have changed. it has been a rocky year for the company. it emerged and then spun off from time warner. aol is to have 35 million subscribers. now it has 5 million. in "tech bytes" there's a new application tracking radiation levels from your mobile phone. facebook could be second- guessing all the privacy changes
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that it made off. jeremy hubbard has those stories and more from abc. >> facebook is responding to the lead over its privacy settings. the social networking site said a statement to the bbc that says it may simplify the settings. users have criticized facebook for making of privacy settings so complicated that many people cannot protect their information. one security vendors as 16% of users have closed their accounts due to privacy concerns. google is adding secure layer that will keep third parties from intercepting users search terms and results pages. this comes after the company accidentally collected personal information of users around the world. hp is adding 54,000 batteries to a big recall. it's recalling more than 100,000 batteries from laptops. the company is concerned the batteries could overheat and split apart, starting a fire.
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are you concerned about the radiation from your cell phone' there's a new answer available from black phone users. there's an application that tells you how to avoid radiation. it takes into account distance from cell phone towers and how you are holding the phone and more. >> it monitors your phone continuously and tells you the level of radiation your phone is in bidding at every moment. when you reach a certain threshold, it will give you a tone or alert on your phone. -- tells you the level of radiation your phone is emitting. >> i am jeremy hubbard. >> 64 degrees outside. >> coming up, the battle of the
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beltway, working an extra inning. can't touch this turned into touch itsall. >> today on "oprah," julia roberts discusses motherhood.
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>> the call josh the hammer.
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>> his skills came in handy yesterday. the nationals had a win against the orioles and clinched the battle of the beltway's series. >> i am always looking for my pitch to hit. sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't. but when you get it, you want to be in position. luckily, i was. i hope i will continue to be. >> he has done well. the nationals will take on san francisco on tuesday. >> the university of virginia men's lacrosse team is headed to the final four. they overcame stony brook as well as the adversity surrounding the death of yeardley love. it was joy on the field as the cavaliers had a 10-9 win to move on. they will play duke on saturday. seems like everyone has an eye on the lebron james' sweepstakes these days.
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he will become a free agent this summer. if president obama has an opinion on where he could wind up. president obama says he could see the nba superstar fitting in well with his hometown chicago bulls. >> we knew that was coming. >> i think so. a little predictable. 64 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead in the next half- hour, the federal government looks at safety. we will tell you who wants to ban one type of baby bedding. anger towards bp and the federal government, and the latest efforts and whether they're working out in the gulf. today will be a lot like yesterday, but there will be big changes by the
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>> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. good morning, washington. welcome back on this monday morning, may 24. glad you are joining us today. i am alison starling. >> i am doug mcelway. adam caskey checking on the weather. >> outside you'll see the moisture on the windshield and on your vehicle. there's a light drizzle in isolated pockets. it's not going to be a washout. a little sunshine this afternoon. big changes to the weather pattern mid-week. there's an easterly flow coming off the atlantic. a few peaks of sunshine this afternoon and made a brief shower later today.
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this is a view from the top of the weather center. gray skies over the nation's capital. 65 in clear spring, maryland. 64 at washington. today's forecast, mainly gray skies, a few peaks of sunshine later. highs around 73 this afternoon. we will see changes in our weather by wednesday and thursday. we are talking upper 80's, partly sunny, much like summer and maybe storms. we are looking a springfield, 95 northbound headed toward the beltway. 395 continues nicely into town. let's look at 270, no accidents coming out of frederick into the beltway. at westhaven, no major incidents. on the chain bridge, now to mike. >> all three lanes were supposed
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to be open on the chain bridge by rush-hour, but that's not going to happen because of the rainy weather this weekend if that put them behind their work. they removed some concrete barriers, but they were not able to get to the more critical work of putting down new pavement markings. they have placed a temporary barrels. traffic will be one lane in each direction until the weather improves. then they can do the restr iping. american legion bridge, 14th street bridge, or memorial bridge are recommended instead. >> thank you, mike. breaking news, park police are investigating an overnight shooting along the bw parkway that happens 11 o:30 last night. one person in a car had a gunshot wound. it was shut down for few hours
5:32 am
while people investigated. no arrests have been made. > there is a face-off between bp and the federal government over the ongoing cleanup efforts in the gulf. louisiana governor is criticizing both of them for the slow response. courtney robinson is standing by in a satellite center with a look at how they are taking matters into their own hands. good morning. >> louisiana state leaders are asking to dredge sand from the sea floor and build 80 miles of levees to reinforce the barrier islands. this adds fris as frustration mounts against bp and the federal government. dozens of miles of louisiana coast are coated. beaches are closed and wildlife threatened. >> i don't feel they are doing everything i can.
5:33 am
>> many are frustrated with bp and its efforts to stop the oil spill. their latest move is a straw beds removing half of what it was days ago. >> we are united and want the same result. we want to stop polluting the ocean and we want to kill this oilwell. >> 6 million gallons of oil is polluting the waters of the gulf. more of that is going to come ashore. the government says they will take over it if attempts to stop the oil leak keep failing. bp is once again attempting to seal the oilwell by mid week by bringing barges out. >> thank you. congress will be looking into last month's deadly mine explosion in west virginia. a house committee will hold a hearing in beckley, west virginia, near the upper branch mine where 29 miners were killed
5:34 am
off in april 5 explosion. if the west virginia governor and relatives of the victims are scheduled to testify. if the conspiracy trial in the robert wone murder case entered its second week today. this week prosecutors plan to play portions of videotaped statements of the three defendants that they made to detectives. defense attorneys have tried to suppress evidence that dylan ward started to explain what had happened when police arrived, but joseph wordock gave an intense look and then dylan ward became quiet. -- joseph price gave an intense look. a company planning to build a casino says a petition drive has sony signatures and should be thrown out. groups are accusing the company of sabotage. the federal government may be pulling a popular type of
5:35 am
baby crib because of danger to children. at least 32 infants have been strangled in a drop-side cribs in the past 10 years. this has prompted a new york senator to introduce a bill banning the manufacture, sale, and use of drop-side cribs. >> no child care provider or hospital will be able to have drop-side cribs, because we cannot tolerate one more incentive death because of this faulty technology. >> 7 million of those cribbs have been recalled in the past five years. if the industry consists of the ones still on the market are safe. and it, we are going to look back at the six-year journey that ended with a long finality. "lost" yesterday. >> and a scheme around and how to make sure you are not to the
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next victim. we are coming right back with traffic and weather every ten minutes. ♪
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>> im the assistant principal at st. peter's catholic school in maryland. we like to say -- good morning, washington.
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>> good morning, washington. welcome back. just about 5:39 on this monday morning. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> we had some downpours on a weekend. more of that today? >> i would not say that. a few areas of sprinkle or drizzle. it is too fine to be picked up by the radar. there will be a dry weather pattern tomorrow. outside we have a few sprinkles especially west, in and around 66 in the fauquier county area. and moving on to 66. at dulles airport and around the beltway, a few sprinkles there and in the bethesda and chevy chase areas. temperatures are in low 70's and will rise into the low 70's this afternoon with a few peaks of sunshine, like yesterday. today will be a lot like
5:40 am
yesterday. high temperatures in the upper 80's by mid week with a lot of sunshine, high humidity, and maybe a pop-up thunderstorm late day, like summer. : off-again by the weekend. a cold front saturday and sunday should drop our temperatures to the low to mid 70's. next weekend looks pretty sunny. if you are to dtry to decide whether to ride your bicycle to work, we all have pockets of drizzle. no downpours. howarth the roads looking, jim'' >> 270 in hyattstown, looking ok. the beltway at river road, traffic looks pretty good. pavement is a little wet. no accidents college park to zobrist print on the outer loop or inner loop. the chain bridge has one lane open each direction.
5:41 am
for safety purposes, only one lane open each way. gas prices are down for a second consecutive week. the national average price for regular is $2.80 a gallon, down 7 cents from a week ago. in d.c. average price is $2.93. in virginia, $2.71. 5:41. it is 64 degrees, muggy. and and the "lost" finale. >> unsuspecting diners may and and the "lost" finale. >> unsuspecting diners may have paid
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surprising savings you can find that if you know how. join us at 5:00. top stories, it will be a couple more days before things are back to normal on the chain bridge. they hoped to finish the work this weekend, but the rain prevented them fromts stripin. in the gulf of mexico the oil is reaching critical marshlands. it has affected breeding grounds. louisiana oppose the governor wants to build sand barriers to stop it from causing further damage. space shuttle atlantis unstalked -- undocked from the international space station yesterday. it is scheduled to land in florida on wednesday. this is its last scheduled
5:46 am
mission. reports of a skimming scheme at a local restaurant could have people taking a closer look at their next bill. three similar cases in our area in the last two months. how can you keep your money states? rianne carter is live with more on this story. good morning. >> good morning. this case allegedly happened just at this to scheesecake factory in north west. there's a device that takes your credit card number. it's not the only incident of its kind. while working at this cheesecake factory in northwest, nicole ward allegedly skimmed credit card numbers from 10 customers as part of fraud ring. court documents reveal she was working with two individuals. >> i don't know how someone would do that with a receipt. >> $100,000 a stolen credit card
5:47 am
activity reported. >> it is scary. anybody can use it and it can be disbursed quickly. >> this is a month after a device was found in a rockville wachovia cash machine. similar cases reported in alexandria in march. another case was reported in march of 2009 when other popular local eateries were having a similar problem. there is no reason to believe any of these cases were related. calls made to the cheesecake factory headquarters have not been returned. >> thank you. second man is under arrest in the shooting of a good samaritan. winston oliver on may .
5:48 am
winston brown injured a man while trying to rob a store. he was arrested last week. >> a naval academy tradition today, members of the freshman class will climb to the top of the monument and replace a hat with a midshipman's hat. this year's crime could be the last. they feel safety is a concern and that there are better ways to develop teamwork such as sea trials. >> i think that is too bad. some people would want to keep that tradition. and some folks are superstitious. a tradition gone down the tubes. 5:48 right now on this monday morning. if time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> if it does not look like a bad week, adam caskey. >> it's not.
5:49 am
>> it was a wonderful weekend. >> we will have a few showers today, nothing major. i this is what it looks like today. a little drizzly. that is falling on a camera right now in rosslyn looking east into the district. late showers and especially some drizzle. impressive rainfall totals from the weekend. chantilly at freedom high- school, 4.15 inches. 3 inches in frederick. pretty impressive out there on the weekend. we will have a chance to dry out slowly but surely over the next couple days.
5:50 am
a few isolated showers possible this afternoon, but it's not going to be widespread. 63 degrees right now. huntingtown, 63. let's look at light rain falling right now mainly around 66. and south of dulles airports around the loudoun/fairfax line. and north of the american legion bridge in maryland. that is it for the rain basically. don't let the low clouds and drizzle scare you off, if you're planning to bike to work. the onshore flow is out there. when you get that off the atlantic, the east to west movement, that is when you get low clouds. that is what we have today. today will be a repeat of yesterday. morning drizzle and clouds, then some peace of afternoon sunshine. it will destabilize the
5:51 am
atmosphere. -- some peaks of sunshine. 73 degrees today, five degrees below average. patchy fog tonight, near 60. if tomorrow we will have morning clouds and a little drizzle. then some limited afternoon sunshine tomorrow. a few peaks of sunshine tomorrow later in the day. i am not anticipating much rainfall. 80 degrees tomorrow. wednesday into thursday, up 80's. downright summerlike. humidity near 90. cooler by the weekend. >> despite the drizzle, rush- hour has been pretty decent the first hour. this is the beltway through college park. if the outer loop going toward the left side of your screen. not much in the way of delays. 270 running without delay getting to hyattstown.
5:52 am
we go into virginia to look at springfield. traffic is in good shape. north on 95, fredericksburg, toward the capital beltway. back to you. >> thank you. unless you live on a deserted island, you know that "lost" ended a six-year run with what was billed as the tv event of the decade. >> the television event of the decade. how is it going to end? >> we are not going to give much away in case you have not watched it. i have not wanted. the cirrus finality wrapup some of the loose ends while maintaining some of the mystery that made a series of popular and frustrating. if this morning some critics are praising the series as thrilling, captivating, challenging. people at a viewing party say they are found. >> people tend to be unhappy with analysis. are you happy with the way this
5:53 am
show ended? >> i feel like it could not have done much better than it did. you get a lot of your questions answered as far as what was going on and the purpose of the island. i think the big thing was use of this big ladder of realities coming together. and this culmination of fitting the pieces together. i was happy. i was excited. the score was awesome. it was amazing. >> you are found. your or friend pointed out that tuesday night's are now free -- excuse me, your wife. >> i'm going to get to the dvd's to watch it. >> retrace the previous episodes and put the pieces together. >> you almost half do for the first couple seasons. >> you do.
5:54 am
i watched the first two seasons. i used to be intimidated when i would walk out to my car because it was spooky. it does that. the suspense. >> i liked it early on and then i started to get a little lost. >> i did as well. i began to fade away. >> 5:54 is the time on this monday morning,
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>> a former member of the british royal family is in trouble. >> sarah ferguson, the duchess of york, was caught on tape offering access to her ex- husband prince andrew for price. a tabloid reporter posing as a businessman rrecorded the conversation. she is third on the tape saying 500,000 pounds can open doors. >> [unintelligible] >> [unintelligible] >> ferguson's financial woes have been publicized. the duchess is devastated according to her spokesperson and regrets all the embarrassment she has caused. they issued a statement saying prince andrew has no knowledge of the meeting.
5:58 am
>> not very flattering. >> not at all. there's a lot more to come in the next hour. >> coming up, a developing story, five months after the death of brittany murphy, authorities find the body of her husband. in washington there's good news and bubad news for drivers. on the chain bridge there's
5:59 am
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